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Mar 5, 2016

You asked, I answered...get the show notes at

1. Fiber supplements: There are a lot on the market and most seem like they are full of chemicals. Do you know of any that are easily added to a smoothie or coffee and beneficial? [Submitted by Heidi]

2. Are we killing and denaturing our vegetables when we cook them? Raw foodies will say you're killing your food. I'm a huge fan of juicing and want to get the most out of my food as possible. [Submitted by Aileen]

3. Can you discuss how to eat healthy when other people bring unhealthy foods into the house? I do the grocery shopping, but that doesn't stop my husband from bringing in tempting foods that I don't want to eat. Plus there's all the candy the grandparents load my kids with every holiday except Columbus Day. I hide it in the kitchen cabinet (out of sight, out of mind - for them, not me). [Submitted by "Sara"]

4. How do you develop the patience with yourself to keep working hard if you know you will never see the end result? In the pool, in the classroom, in my job, the harder I work, the sooner I see results. It's a different story when it comes to being your best self. [Submitted by Erica]

Now send me YOUR questions. I love to hear from you:

Mar 2, 2016


Nadine Artemis of Living Libations joins us to talk about taking care of our skin naturally and maximizing our beauty inside and out at every age.

- Increasing elasticity and slowing sagging skin
- Natural acne treatments
- Scar & stretch marks treatments
- Minimizing spider/varicose veins
- Holistic oral care - whitening, oil pulling
- Natural teeth whitening
- Cellulite
- My natural skin care routine

Nadine generously offered to giveaway a wonderful package to get you started with your best skin ever! Get the instructions on how to enter here:

Feb 17, 2016

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde joins us to talk about the potential overload of radiation we're exposed to from the many devices we take for granted as safe in our homes, in our offices and all around us - and how we can reduce the risks just by being aware and taking a few simple steps.

What We Talk About:

  • What’s the “big deal” about EMF radiation?
  • What are some of the physical and biological ramifications?
  • How radiation translates to premature aging
  • How is fertility being impacted by EMF radiation?
  • Why are children more susceptible to the dangers or radiation than adults?
  • Is anyone more or less at risk due to location, age, physical factors?
  • Cell phones, cordless home phones, wifi and other common sources of EMF
  • Isn’t it “here to stay” and unavoidable?
  • What are we able to do about it while still living “in the real world?”
  • What simple changes can we make?
  • Why Dr. Plourde does not love FitBits and fitness trackers
  • Do things like Qlink or other technologies work to combat EMF?
  • Simple tactics people can employ to improve their home and office environment


Feb 6, 2016

Being Fearless is B.S. 

"For years I lived my life according to what (or whom) I thought could make me happy. Perfectionism, the need for control, and people pleasing ruled my life. And it wasn’t working out. The day I started living my life authentically, standing up for myself, speaking out about what I believed in without looking over my shoulder at who was talking about me and what they thought of me, was the day my life truly began and had immense meaning.

Today I make no apologies for who I am. I write about and talk about my own struggles with disordered eating, relationships, alcohol and all the other messy things that happen in real life." - Andrea Owen

What we talk about in this show:

•What drove Andrea to change/improve in the face of challenges that shut many people down?

•What is Andrea’s mission and purpose now?

•Managing our inner critic

•Control, isolation and perfectionism

•“Being Fearless is BS” – what is real  courage?

•"The way to gain confidence is by practicing courage" (read Andrea’s post here)

•Social media and the comparison trap

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Jan 29, 2016


Why Heavy Metal Detox?

Dr. Weston Saunders - known to all as Dr. Wiggy - joins us to talk about what the potential overload of heavy metals in our homes, food and environment can mean for us, and how we can reduce the risks naturally - oftentimes with great results.

All resources mentioned can be found at

Jan 20, 2016


Colonics, colon hydrotherapy, colon cleanse...what's it mean? How's it work?

We're covering it all. Including:

-What is colon hydrotherapy?
-How does it work? What should we expect?
-What's the difference between open and closed systems?
-How does a colon hydrotherapy session compare with an enema?
-How long does it take?
-What conditions does it help with?
-Is it safe?
-Does it hurt?
-Will I be clean after 1 session?
-Who is a good candidate? Who isn't?
-How can I prepare for my first one?
-Should I fast before my session?
-What should I ask or look for when seeking a provider?
-Can I go to work right after a colonic?
-How many treatments do I need?
-What do I do after the session is over?

All resources mentioned can be found at

Jan 12, 2016


- Why mercury fillings are not a good idea
- What to do if you have them
- Are all root canals a source of infection?
- Do root canals cause heart attacks?
- Do root canals increase risk of breast cancer?
- What does thyroid health have to do with oral health?
- How to strengthen your body’s ability to manage these challenges
- What to do if you need a root canal
- How to find a biological dentist

All resources mentioned can be found at

Jan 6, 2016


This is Part II of my conversation with Thyroid Coach and Hormonal Balance expert, Magdalena Wszelaki.

Get Part I - episode 055 is all about candida and hormonal balance through nutrition and gut health

In This Episode:

  • Liver health – why it is so critical? how does it work?
  • What are common things we do to overload our livers? How do we fix it?
  • The role of liver health in hormonal balance
  • What foods aid in natural liver detoxification?

All the resources mentioned can be found at

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Jan 1, 2016


The Time I Turned the Mic Around

Many moons ago, I issued a challenge: will you interview me? Long-time listener Gigi accepted. Listen to her ask me the questions that she compiled from you, plus some that she threw in. We get a little silly, a little emotional, and, as always, we have a lot of fun.

What We Talk About 

  • How do I eat "mostly-vegetarian-paleo-ish?"
  • What is my story? What successes and failures led me to where I am right now?
  • Which episodes from 2015 are the most impactful for me?
  • What is my general philosophy on food, fitness and mindset? 
  • Where do I come down on intermittent fasting?
  • How do I achieve "work / life balance?" [spoiler alert: I don't]


Dec 28, 2015


Sarah Adler, creator of Simply Real Health shares 7 easy pantry food swaps to make for the New Year.

Find Sarah's recipes and more at

Dec 20, 2015


Hannah Crum is the Kombucha Mama, and she is giving us the low down on the benefits of kombucha - what's fact, what's fiction?

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Dec 14, 2015


This is PART TWO of Episode 053 with Georgie Fear. In this call, I'm still working on Habit #1 and 2, and I'm still struggling!

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Dec 11, 2015

Kylee Sallak of City Pole Studio joins us to talk all about Pole Fitness.

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Dec 2, 2015

What habits do you cultivate to avoid the HOLIDAY SEASON excuse for self-sabotage?

Leave a voicemail and let me know what you do to stay well during the holiday season.

Connect with me!

Nov 28, 2015

Ella talks to Thyroid Coach and Hormonal Balance expert, Magdalena Wszelaki about candida, thyroid, gut health and how it's all related in the quest for hormonal balance. This is Part I of a 2-part series.

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Nov 16, 2015

It's Q&A time!

What We Talk About:

- Tips for eating out without sabotaging wellness goals

- How to exercise on the road

- Breakfast: Eat it or skip it?

- Kale and other cruciferous veggies - can they really be BAD for you?

Find all resources mentioned on the show at

Nov 8, 2015

Georgie Fear's 4 Core Eating Behaviors for Lifelong Leanness:

Lean Habit #1 - Eat 3-4 meals a day (without snacking)

Lean Habit #2 - Master Your Hunger

Lean Habit #3 - Eat Just Enough

Lean Habit #4 - Eat Mostly Whole Foods

All resources mentioned can be found at:

Oct 24, 2015

"Processed food doesn’t contain the food that it is pretending to be." - Mark Schatzker

In his most recent book The Dorito Effect, best-selling author and food journalist Mark Schatker says "the cause of our food problem will not be found in individual nutrients." Rather, it's flavor, and its impact on human behavior (namely, eating), that has changed dramatically and led us so very far away from nutritional wisdom to our current blazing path toward obesity, diabetes and chronic disease. He's talking to us about how this underestimated component is demonstrated perfectly in what he's dubbed "the Dorito effect."

"Modern food may be the most compelling lie ever told." 

What We Talk About:

  • How the Dorito became the metaphor for modern food 
  • Why we won't solve our eating problem until we understand the role of flavor and human behavior
  • Food addiction is not fun. How even rats can come to rely on their next "hit."
  • "Natural flavor" = artificial flavorings, and they're in your pantry, your fridge, your freezer and nearly ever restaurant in existence 
  • What manufacturers to do everything from packaged foods to plain chicken breasts to cigarettes so that you'll crave them more (it's not pretty)
  • The role artificial flavors play in metabolic confusion...and weight gain
  • Why is this even a problem? Why we eat far more than we need to and what to do about it
  • So, what's the solution?

"Nothing tastes like what it is anymore.

Everything tastes like what we want it to be."

Learn more at


Oct 16, 2015

How to Avoid Counterfeit, Cheap & Dangerous Supplements

After decades of experience in military intelligence, the U.S. State Department, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a Special Agent, Gary Collins of Primal Power Method has a lot of opinions about supplements.

Gary joins us to blow the lid off of conventional "wellness" practices, and tells us what to avoid - and what to look for - when buying supplements.

What We Talk About:

- Bad vs. good vitamins and supplements – quickest ways to know

- What to never do when buying supplements

- What's wrong with buying online? – and how to do it right

- Network marketing/MLMs (multi-level marketing) and the wellness world [spoiler alert: he's not a fan]

- Why your local health food store should be your new best friend

- What to look for to know that you're buying the real deal

All resources mentioned can be found in the show notes at

Oct 8, 2015

Ella answers listeners' questions:

What motivates you to stay fit, healthy and focused?

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Oct 3, 2015

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo say that a healthy combination of sex, love, and commitment is more than the foundation of a strong marriage… it’s the glue that will keep a family together.

They are hear to tell us what makes a marriage not just functional, but extraordinary.

What We Talk About:

  • When you act more like roommates - how to break the familiar pattern of bland domesticity
  • How to know when your spouse is initiating intimacy
  • What gets in the way of hot, married sex
  • How rejection effects a marriage
  • How putting your partner first makes all the difference
  • The 60-day sex challenge - WHAT?!?

All resources mentioned can be found at

Sep 27, 2015

Learn more at

How to Attract People Naturally

Our guest Sarah Jones of Introverted Alpha wants to help you attract people naturally. Whether it's friends, colleagues or lovers, she is here to tell you how to draw people to the real you, authentically.

What We Talk About:

- Know what and who you want

- How to avoid trying to be something you’re not

- The the best places to meet people

- How to notice who you’re genuinely drawn to

- How not to get caught up in expectations or fear


Learn more at

Sep 21, 2015

Dr. Mike Okouchi from Whaddup Doc University turns the mic on Ella!

He's interviewing me in this rebroadcast from Dr. Mike's show. I share my top 10 tips for health & wellness for the even the busiest person, and a few things about me that you've never heard before.

All resources mentioned an be found at

Sep 11, 2015

All resources mentioned can be found at:

Dr. Tom Nixon of Twin City Health & Maximized Living answers a LOT of our questions about how to find a great practitioner for problems that extend well beyond a sore back, and how to avoid the quacks.

What We Talk About:

+ What does our nervous system have to do with our health?

+ The very long list of ailments that relate to our nervous system, including migraines, hypothyroid, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive ailments and many more, and...

+ How they can be treated through Corrective Chiropractic Care (I had no idea!)

+ How to know if your practitioner is going to be able to actually help HEAL you

+ What to avoid when seeking a non-traditional practitioner

+ Ella's new inversion table - helpful or hurtful?


Find all resources mentioned at:

Sep 4, 2015

I admit it. I am busting out of a slump right now. So, how do I survive a slump, and how do I get out of it?

Tune in for my most candid episode EVER.

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