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Sep 3, 2016

It's not a SKILL set, it's MINDSET. 

This is the first episode in our new series that we kicked off in episode 082. Elizabeth Benton, creator of Primal Potential is helping us master a mindset for lasting change. 

In This Episode

  • Mindset is never neutral. It's either working for you or against you.
  • "I know what to do but I just can't do it. What is my problem?"
  • So many people want change, sometimes even DESPERATELY, but they can't/won't do the work over the long term. What does Elizabeth suggest to break this pattern?
  • What about people who are really struggling with past failures? How did Elizabeth stop beating herself up over the past?
  • Download the Failure & Lessons Worksheet that I created for us 
  • "My life used to be ___ and now it is ___. I was doing great before, but now it's all turned upside down and I don't know what to do and have fallen so far ... "
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Jul 26, 2015

How to Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast 

Questions I ask Jeff in this episode: 

   What are some patterns you see amongst high achievers and successful people?

   How are they spending the first part of their day?

   Do you have to get up at 5am? Really? (hint: no)

   Does Jeff trade sleeping hours for his early morning routine?

   How do you reset or reboot after getting out of your routine?

   What is Jeff's morning routine? What habits does he do every day and why?


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You can now leave me a recorded message at! Make sure you let me know if you DON’T want me to share your message on the air. Let me hear from you!


 Find all resources mentioned at


May 8, 2015

Join Ella in learning all about Intermittent Fasting from the expert, Dr. Sara Solomon

Intermittent Fasting: Eating one's daily intake of food in a condensed time frame to allow the body greater periods of rest, recovery and potential for fat burning.

Sara is talking to us about the "dos" and the "dont's," of intermittent fasting, what works for her, and what might work for you to increase fast loss, reduce craving and enhance performance (among other things). 

What We Talk About:

•Why Ella was scared to do this episode

•What is intermittent fasting (IF)?

•Who should NOT do intermittent fasting?

•Who should try IF?

•What are some of the different versions of intermittent fasting?

•Why does it work?

•Do you have to eat in a condensed window every day?

•What are some of the benefits beyond fat loss?

•Does what time you work out matter?

•What do baby steps look like for someone starting IF?

•What is carb back loading?

•How long / often does Dr. Sara work out?

Who is Dr. Sara?

Dr. Sara Solomon is the creator of the Fat Loss Fast System about intermittent fasting,  flexible dieting and HiiT Home Workouts. Her philosophy is "minimum effective dose to get results."

Sara earned both a DMD (she's a dentist!) and a B.Sc in Physiotherapy from McGill University. She is a writer and sponsored athlete for, the most visited bodybuilding and fitness website in the world. 

Learn more and get free resources at!

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Apr 29, 2015

This time of year, there's a lot of garbage out there about "Detoxing" and "Cleansing."

So how do you separate fact from fiction?

Dr. Jillian Teta is back with us to talk about the differences between detoxing and cleansing, and the things to keep in mind if you pursue your own "Spring Cleaning." 

What We Talk About

   Detox vs cleanse - what do they actually mean?

   Your body's "Big 5" paths to detoxification

   What helps and hurts your ability to detoxify

   Why you may need to try a cleanse, and how NOT to do it

   Dr. Jillian's take on the off-the-shelf "detox in a box" 

   When cleansing is a waste of time, money and effort 

   The one thing you MUST be doing before you pursue any cleanse

   How a practitioner can help you with a structured cleanse

   Her husband, Dr. Keoni Teta's take on the single best method to support continuous detoxification

Who is Dr. Jillian Teta?

Dr. Jillian is a medically-trained, naturopathic physician, the creator of the Fix Your Digestion gut restoration program and author of Natural Solutions for Digestive Health - a book that has been a huge success and has become a manual of sorts for anyone who has ever suffered from digestive distress, bloating, food intolerances, skin problems, digestive disorders, and people who simply want to achieve optimal gut health.


Visit for more!

Mar 29, 2015

Have you wanted to try juicing but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you're looking for tips and tricks to make delicious green juices that don't taste like “liquid salad?” I’ve got you covered in this bonus episode all about juicing!

We’re not talking about juice fasting, we’re talking about adding one green juice a day to your regime. But, first...

Why Juice?

Benefits of juicing at home:

• You can quickly and easily add multiple servings of veggies to your diet
• There's practically no digestion necessary
• The nutrients in juices hit the bloodstream pretty much immediately (<15 minutes)
• It's easy to consume vegetables that you might not yet be eating (collards, anyone?)
• The results. With juicing, you can see your skin start to benefit, your energy increase and your waistline benefit - all within a relatively quick period

In short, juicing vegetables is an incredibly efficient way to get nutrients into your body fast. And you already know that green leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that give you optimal health and an immune system boost.

In this episode:

  • Which juicer should you get?
  • The most common mistakes in juicing
  • The best time of day to juice
  • Tips for saving time and money
  • The difference between juicing and blending
  • The ingredients that I won’t use when juicing
  • Beneficial ingredients to add for detox benefits
  • Ingredients that help to make your juice delicious instead of tasting like “liquid salad”
  • The order matters…1) leafy greens --> 2) soft fruits and veggies --> 3) hard fruits and veggies (the harder fruits and veggies helps push through any bits of leafy green that are stuck in the feeding tube of your juicer) 

I've put an enormous amount of free resources on this topic over at - check it out!

Mar 28, 2015

"You will never heal your body by starving it."        - Jonathan Bailor

You first heard me mention Jonathan Bailor’s name on episode 005 with Carrie Brown where we sang his praises and the praises of his book, The Calorie Myth. One of the reasons I’m such a fan is that encountering Jonathan’s work was one of the early and major steps in my wellness journey. Jonathan’s work, along with Carrie's recipes, truly helped me move from a diet-mindset to a conscious eating lifestyle.

Today he's sharing some of his findings with us in an effort to move us away from calorie-counting and toward a lifestyle that works.

Learn more at

Feb 1, 2015

Abel Gonzalez had to overcome a great many obstacles before he got anywhere near the American Ninja Warrior course.

American Ninja Warrior Abel Gonzalez talks to us about mastering our inner Ninja first, how he's conquering life's obstacles and living his purpose to help others along the way.

“I had to start doing some self examination – who am I ? what am I doing?  

 Abel tells us:

  • How he left a great paying job in the oil industry to take a risk - waited in line for FIVE days - and ended up making history on NBC
  • What is was like going from “indestructible” to falling apart due to rheumatoid arthritis
  • What finally helped him overcome abandonment, anger and some pretty tough circumstances 
  • What “normal" people can do to train like a ninja (no gym required)
  • His two secrets for getting stronger as he gets older

 Listen in on this Ninja’s inner game. This is one seriously motivating dude. 

 “You have to appreciate life. You’re here for a reason...

You’re given an opportunity. A circumstance, yes, but an opportunity."

As Abel tells it: #WEAREALLABEL.

 Learn more at

Jan 28, 2015

Did you see the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead? 20 million people did, and helped Joe Cross start a revolution.

Joe is a man truly living his purpose. He left his successful career in finance and directed his entrepreneurial efforts to bringing his message to the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe (writer, producer, star of both films) upon the release of the sequel (cleverly known as “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2”) where we find out what happens AFTER he fasted for 60 days on nothing but juice, lost more than 80 pounds, and healed himself from the disease that plagued him for years.

Spoiler alert: things got harder.

In this episode Joe Cross tells us:

  • What happened after he lost more than 80 pounds and stopped filming Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 
  • Whether just adding juice to our diet is helpful (vs “Just Juice” fasting)
  • Common mistakes people make when trying juicing
  • The best time to juice, and when not to
  • Why on Earth he fasted for 60 days, filmed it…and then made Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2
  • What’s hard for him about staying healthy and what he does about it
  • His favorite juice recipe 
  • How to "reboot"
  • And, how to find juice near you! 

Learn more at - all of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found there.

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