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Apr 16, 2015

"The way you eat. The way you play. The way you live. It’s all preparation for everything going right in your life."

I've been reading and following Mary, The Paleo Chef for awhile now, and she never ceases to impress me.  She is a woman of many talents, from food to business to mindset and relationships - and now she's talking to us about her recipe for a purposeful, fulfilling life: Eat Clean, Play Often, Crush Life. 

What We Talk About:

- How to be a bad ass like Mary

- What it means to EAT, PLAY, CRUSH

- How Mary went from a successful career in Silicon Valley to cooking and coaching celebrities 

- Freeze tag and roller blading - the keys to happiness?

- That time Mary ate an entire lasagna and 

- 5 Steps to Power: Balance, Intention, Manifestation, Freedom, Self-Mastery 

- Life is short and precious. Let's make the most of it, shall we?


"If you are going to assume an outcome about a risk, why not assume it will be brilliant?"

For daily #eatplaycrush inspiration and motivation, follow @paleochef on Instagram and Twitter.  

Resources Mentioned: get them all at

Apr 8, 2015

Dr. Jade Teta literally wrote the book on health and fitness. His uber-successful Metabolic Effect program has achieved international raves for its simplicity, effectiveness and impact. It's not a diet, it's THE outline for healthy eating, fitness and fat loss.

Dr. Jade took the time to walk us through the Metabolic Effect approach - with dozens of specific actions and tactics sprinkled throughout from his books, including the information he's only just sharing now in his new book, Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas.

So, take the time on this one. Come back and listen again. Pay attention, make notes. This might be the one thing you needed to move toward permanent change. 

What We Talk About:

   Dieter: NO. Detective: YES.

   Your best clues: Hunger, Energy, Cravings, Body Composition, Health Markers 

   How to make a change: where to start, what to do

   So, what do we eat?

   Specific food strategies that work for fat loss

   How to manage cravings

   Trigger foods vs buffer foods

   Calories: do they matter or not? (final answer!)

   So, can we eat fat, starch and sugar or not?

   Examples of small changes you can start making now for long term change

   What to order if you’re eating fast food

   Willpower vs Skillpower

   Jade’s Italian. He likes food. I just thought you should know this.

   How to apply “structured flexibility” to get where you want to go

   Exercise: As little as possible, as hard as possible, for the result you're seeking

   Jade’s “always order dessert” strategy

   The “As If” Jedi mind trick you can use to accomplish your goals

   How Jade travels without sabotaging his fitness

   Real Men take walks (chicks, too)

There's no such thing as "no time," there’s just "priority" and "non-priority." - Dr. Jade Teta

Resources We Mention:

   The 15-minute workout series: Metabolic Aftershock

   Jade's New Book: Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas

   And the absolute classic: The Metabolic Effect Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest


Who is Dr. Jade Teta?

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician specializing in natural health, fitness and body transformation. He is the co-author of The Metabolic Effect Diet and Lose Weight Here. Dr. Jade has worked in the fitness and weight loss fields for over 20 years, and is the co-developer of the rest-based training system for personal training and group exercise. He is also the co-founder of the Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina and of the health, fitness and international fat loss company, Metabolic Effect. His background in natural medicine, along with his fitness expertise, has defined his healthcare specialties of hormonal weight loss and functional medicine approaches to chronic disease.

Learn more at  

Apr 3, 2015

How do you show confidence when you’re not feeling it?

Blanca Cobb is sharing expert tips on how to master your body language in order to get what you want.

In this episode:

  • Why is Ella interviewing a Body Language expert?
  • Nervous? One simple maneuver to raise your testosterone and lower your cortisol 
  • We teach other people how to treat us!
  • How do we know how we’re being received and perceived?
  • How to know if you're a smash hit or a total bomb with your audience
  • Your feet are the most honest part of your body?!
  • What to do when you’re shy or uncomfortable making eye contact
  • Your 3 "POWER ZONES" and what to do with them
  • How to enter a party 
  • How do you know when someone’s really interested in you
  • One trick for establishing rapport quickly ("mirroring")
  • What your neck, belly button and crotch are telling the world. For real.

Learn more at  

Blanca Cobb, CEO of TruthBlazer, is a nationally recognized body language expert who uses her behavior analysis expertise and psychology background to get to the truth. Blanca is an in-demand media guest, speaker and coach who breaks down the complexities of human behavior to help people succeed in life. She’s been featured on HLN’s Dr. Drew On-Call, Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and the Today Show. Body language can infiltrate ALL aspects of life, and no topic is off-limits for Blanca!

Mar 29, 2015

Have you wanted to try juicing but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you're looking for tips and tricks to make delicious green juices that don't taste like “liquid salad?” I’ve got you covered in this bonus episode all about juicing!

We’re not talking about juice fasting, we’re talking about adding one green juice a day to your regime. But, first...

Why Juice?

Benefits of juicing at home:

• You can quickly and easily add multiple servings of veggies to your diet
• There's practically no digestion necessary
• The nutrients in juices hit the bloodstream pretty much immediately (<15 minutes)
• It's easy to consume vegetables that you might not yet be eating (collards, anyone?)
• The results. With juicing, you can see your skin start to benefit, your energy increase and your waistline benefit - all within a relatively quick period

In short, juicing vegetables is an incredibly efficient way to get nutrients into your body fast. And you already know that green leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that give you optimal health and an immune system boost.

In this episode:

  • Which juicer should you get?
  • The most common mistakes in juicing
  • The best time of day to juice
  • Tips for saving time and money
  • The difference between juicing and blending
  • The ingredients that I won’t use when juicing
  • Beneficial ingredients to add for detox benefits
  • Ingredients that help to make your juice delicious instead of tasting like “liquid salad”
  • The order matters…1) leafy greens --> 2) soft fruits and veggies --> 3) hard fruits and veggies (the harder fruits and veggies helps push through any bits of leafy green that are stuck in the feeding tube of your juicer) 

I've put an enormous amount of free resources on this topic over at - check it out!

Mar 28, 2015

"You will never heal your body by starving it."        - Jonathan Bailor

You first heard me mention Jonathan Bailor’s name on episode 005 with Carrie Brown where we sang his praises and the praises of his book, The Calorie Myth. One of the reasons I’m such a fan is that encountering Jonathan’s work was one of the early and major steps in my wellness journey. Jonathan’s work, along with Carrie's recipes, truly helped me move from a diet-mindset to a conscious eating lifestyle.

Today he's sharing some of his findings with us in an effort to move us away from calorie-counting and toward a lifestyle that works.

Learn more at

Mar 25, 2015

On Confidence, Courage and Kicking Ass. 

You need to listen to this one. Twice.

Andrea Owen is a Certified Life Coach and author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS-Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve. She is also the creator of the Your Kick Ass Life blog and podcast. 

In her own words:

"For years I lived my life according to what (or whom) I thought could make me happy. Perfectionism, the need for control, and people pleasing ruled my life. And it wasn’t working out. The day I started living my life authentically, standing up for myself, speaking out about what I believed in without looking over my shoulder at who was talking about me and what they thought of me, was the day my life truly began and had immense meaning.

Today I make no apologies for who I am. I write about and talk about my own struggles with disordered eating, relationships, alcohol and all the other messy things that happen in real life."

What we talk about in this show:

•What drove Andrea to change/improve in the face of challenges that shut many people down?

•What is Andrea’s mission and purpose now?

•Managing our inner critic

•Control, isolation and perfectionism

•“Being Fearless is BS” – what is real  courage?

•"The way to gain confidence is by practicing courage" (read Andrea’s post here)

•Social media and the comparison trap

Have questions for Andrea or Ella after hearing us chat? Leave your questions at

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Mar 17, 2015

George Bryant is the New York Times Best-Selling author of The Paleo Kitchen, and creator of the wildly popular paleo food blog Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations (2 million hits a month!). 

But life wasn't always so rosy for George.

After spending the first 20-something years of his life in a constant battle with his weight, hiding an eating disorder and suffering multiple physical traumas (including nearly losing both legs while on deployment in Somalia as a US Marine), George took matters into his own hands and began his own wellness journey.

After 12 years of service as a Marine, George now works fulltime creating delicious Paleo recipes, while hoping to change as many lives for the better by making real food recipes simple and tasty. He’s also a professional family man and author.

Listen in for the story of George's challenges, triumph, and continued work in progress. 

Learn more at

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Mar 16, 2015

This episode was inspired by many of my peers, colleagues and the Ella “Fellas” and “Bellas” – many of whom have asked for healthy travel tips.

I typically make 2-3 trips per month, which adds up to dozens of flights per year. It can take a toll. As I have racked up some miles over the years, I have picked up some tips and tricks for reducing the stress on my body, the self-sabotage that can accompany travel, and some “preventative measures” that help keep me sane, fed and (relatively healthy) on the road.

Whether you travel once a year or weekly, I promise there will be some tips here that you haven't heard. 

Let me know your best tips for travel on the On Air with Ella Facebook page, and find links to every resource mentioned in this episode at!

Mar 11, 2015

Vani makes her living making food companies angry. She challenges them on the chemicals they use to make manufactured food more addictive, longer-lasting and as cheap as possible to produce. And she’s not quiet about it.

Is she alarmist? Unabashedly, yes. Her headlines are notoriously, um, cloying at times. (Did you catch the infamous “Do You Eat Beaver Butt?” post?)  ...And it would be easy to write her off as an obnoxious headline-grabber who is just looking to generate a following by making big companies like Kraft, Starbucks, Kellogg, and General Mills look bad. Except, isn’t there something backward here? 

Vani Hari receives death threats on a regular basis because she is telling the world what food manufacturers opt to put in our food supply. Huh?

What’s wrong with this picture?

From her site:

Back when Congress gave the FDA authority over food additives (in 1958), there were about 800 additives. Today, the number of known ingredients has swelled to more than 10,000 and continues to grow. Even the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner, Michael Taylor, recently said: “We simply do not have the information to vouch for the safety of many of these chemicals… we do have questions about whether we can do what people expect of us”. - Washington Post

Additional resource: “Food additives on the rise as FDA scrutiny wanes” - Washington Post

Well, maybe that isn't as scary as it sounds, because apparently new food ingredients are commonly approved by the manufacturer themselves, and not by the FDA. So, that's helpful, right?  [What the ???]

So, what does this mean to you?

Why should you care?

Here are a few reasons:
- hyperactive children
- asthma
- diabetes
- cancer
- eczema
- digestive disease
- premature aging
- obesity
- lethargy
…are all on the rise. Like, WAY. ON. THE. RISE. 
And, according to some experts, 70% of the average American diet now comes from processed food

Interestingly, a research review of 172 clinical studies published in the Journal of American Clinical Nutrition concluded that "virtually all chronic diseases are partially caused by our modern diet of engineered foods."

Related? You decide.

And isn't that the point?

Do you have to like the Food Babe? Nope. Do you maybe want to listen to the information that she’s making public, then decide for yourself whether you opt in or out of the chemical s&^% storm that makes up the majority of processed foods?

Uh, yeah. Please do. And, if you’re not a little riled up after hearing this episode, then you weren’t listening.

All of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found at

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Mar 6, 2015

Elizabeth Benton spent 25 years dieting and hating her body.

After years of obesity, self-loathing, dieting and deprivation, Elizabeth has lost 140 pounds that she will never see again. 

How? She cracked the code to permanent fat loss, and now she wants to share it with as many people as possible.

If you have ever struggled with binge eating, yo-yo dieting, or failed at your best efforts to lose weight in the face of so many confusing messages, this show is for you. Listen in as Elizabeth Benton of Primal Potential shares her magic formula, the logic behind why it works, and the detail behind how we unknowingly sabotage ourselves.

What We Talk About

- Elizabeth's journey to more than 300 pounds

- The number one thing to do when you are obese and do NOT want to work out

- Why “more exercise” is not the answer

- Why we eat and still feel hungry

- Fat as fuel – why it works

- Calories: do they matter?

- The 4 Golden Rules of Carbs 

- How we shut down our fat burning fire without realizing it

- Bulletproof coffee – what is it and why Elizabeth loves it 

- How to eat really well AND meet your fat loss goals

- The real obstacle standing in your way

All of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found at

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Feb 27, 2015

Evan Brand tells you how to get the best out of your body, your mind and your life.

Evan Brand is a Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer specializing in whole-foods nutrition, blood sugar regulation, digestive health, cognitive enhancement and stress management.

After more than 100 interviews and thousands of hours of research with the best health practitioners in the world, he's tapped into their secrets and methods. He took the best of what he learned and tweaked it, tested it and put his own spin on it. Now through his Not Just Paleo blog, webcasts, podcast and training programs, Evan shares his best strategies for attaining energy, vitality and happiness. And today, he shares them with us...

What we talk about:

  • The mood/food connection
  • Are you spending more on your car than you are on your own body?
  • Evan's take on 5 Ways to Stay Sane in the Winter
  • How can you boost your immunity by 23% with one simple step?
  • Evan's surprising strategy for dealing with jerks, stress and road rage
  • Is grounding/earthing a real thing?
  • Evan's quest to gain weight, stop feeling like a whiny baby and get strong

All of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found at

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Feb 21, 2015

Hal Elrod is a #1 bestselling author, international Keynote Speaker, one of America’s top success coaches, ultra-marathon runner, grateful husband and proud father of two. All of this after being hit head on by a drunk driver at age 20 and found dead by EMS at the scene.

Despite being clinically dead for six minutes (!!), in a coma for six days with 11 broken bones, and being told he may never walk again, Hal defied the logic of doctors and the temptations to be a victim, and he bounced back to prove that ALL of us are capable of overcoming extraordinary adversity to create extraordinary results in our personal and professional lives.

But guess what... the accident and his recovery were NOT the biggest hurdle that he faced. That was still to come.

Listen in as Hal shares his wild ride with us, the lessons he learned, and the one practice that he started that became a revolution.

Have you joined Ella's Facebook page for updates, photos and resoruces that I don't share anywhere else? Come on over!

Learn more at


Feb 20, 2015

Neen James wants you to create more moments in life that matter.

Meet my rocking Aussie friend, Neen James. Neen is a professional speaker and leadership expert who teaches people how to achieve twice as much in half the time, so they can create more significant moments in life that matter. 

I wanted Neen to join us because - without fail - the number one excuse I hear (and make) from people (myself) when it comes to why they (we) are not meeting their (our) wellness goals is...

“I don’t have time” 

Whether it’s no time to cook real food, sleep, move your body, or anything other form of self-care, everyone can say – and can mean it! – “I don’t have time.” So, what’s the cure? Listen in and we’ll share that and more.

What we talk about:

  • Neen’s mantra on leading an Ah-Mazing life
  • How the little things we do have the greatest impact
  • Your plan to conquer the world and manage your life in just 15 minutes! 

All of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found at

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Feb 15, 2015

BLOATED? ACNE? FAT LOSS RESISTANT? TIRED? Listen in on this one...

Dr. Jillian Teta is a medically-trained, naturopathic physician, the creator of the Fix Your Digestion gut restoration program and author of Natural Solutions for Digestive Health - a book that has been a huge success and has become a manual of sorts for anyone who has ever suffered from digestive distress, bloating, food intolerances, skin problems, digestive disorders, and people who simply want to achieve optimal gut health.

We talk about:

  • Why is digestive health important? 
  • What happens when it goes wrong: Acne, bloating, gas, tummy troubles, weight gain, lethargy, constipation, PMS, low testosterone, weak immune system
  • The ripple effects of not pooping
  • Your gut houses two thirds (!!) of your immune system. Say WHAT?!?
  • How is the “standard American diet” hurting our gut? 
  • How might your soaps, shampoos, detergents be hurting your gut and your hormones?
  • Foods that are most likely to be causing you trouble 
  • Tips you can start implementing today for better digestion, better gut health 

All of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found at

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Feb 14, 2015

"You have to CHOOSE to be extraordinary."

Dr. Nido R. Qubein came to the United States as a teenager with little knowledge of English, no network and $50 in his pocket. His life has been an amazing success story since.

He has been the recipient of dozens of honors including the Horatio Alger Award for Distinguished Americans (other recipients include Oprah, Denzel Washington, Condoleezza Rice). 

Dr. Qubein is in high demand to speak to business and professional groups around the world, and that is how I first met him almost 18 years ago (!!) as he was touring with professional development gurus Brian Tracy  and the late Zig Ziglar .

I was very lucky to have carved out this time to visit Dr. Qubein in his Presidential offices at High Point University in North Carolina, and to be able to listen to just a bit of the wisdom that he espouses on a life well-lived.

Listen as Dr. Qubein shares a lifetime of wisdom on how to live an extraordinary life - a life, he says, that is within reach for everyone, but not always reached for by everyone.

Want more? 

Check out for links to Dr. Q·s interviews with Steve Wozniak, Malcolm Gladwell, Colin Powell, Seth Godin and the 2013 Biography Channel documentary on Nido Qubein for more of his fascinating story.


Feb 10, 2015

This episode is for anyone who has ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, wondered why counting calories didn’t work, or thought they could never cook for themselves – and, anyone who wants to hear the story behind the woman behind The Sane Show ☺

Carrie Brown made treats for the Queen of England and taught me how to cook. As cookbook author, photographer, blogger and co-host of the wildly successful podcast The Sane Show with Jonathan Bailor, Carrie is a master at making healthy eating a reality for those of us who are less talented in the kitchen. She learned from personal experience that diets don’t work, and she is ready to explain why and what to do instead! Spoiler alert: she wants you to eat more, but better, and exercise less, but smarter.

In this episode, I drill Carrie on how she went from a world-renowned pastry chef (making treats for the Queen of England!) to restaurant blogger, to advocate and voice-of-the-people for the *SANE lifestyle.

Things We Talk About…

- How Carrie gained weight, felt like a total hypocrite as a food blogger, and the circumstances that transformed her life

- Carrie’s personal experience with how frustrating and unsustainable the “calories in, calories out” methodology is

- The difference between losing weight and burning fat

- Ella’s revelation 2 years ago that cooking is easy if Carrie’s helping you. (If Ella can do it, you can, too!)

- How your bathroom scale is measuring the wrong thing

- How your body will regulate itself – so you can stop trying to control it

- Diets are stupid. Period.

- How to add / hide / cram loads of veggies to your diet without even realizing it


What Does *SANE Eating Mean, Anyway? 

*SANE is an acronym for determining how healthful a food is for us. In short, *SANE foods are very high quality, healthful foods and inSANE foods are low quality, unhealthful foods. *SANE eating means focusing on nutrient-dense foods containing water, protein, fiber, and whole-food fats. It generally means avoiding sugar of all kinds, grains, highly processed oils, many fruits, and starchy foods.  


All of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found at

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Feb 8, 2015

Shawn Stevenson, host of The Shawn Stevenson Model and easily the smoothest voice in Podcasting tells us the ONE thing that we're not doing to improve performance, fat loss, and life in general. And it's NOT exercise or diet.

Every resource we mention can be found at See you there!

What we talk about in this episode:

+ What do fat loss, premature aging and food cravings have to do with sleep?

+ Women vs. Men in the bedroom. (Not what you think.)

+ The pros know that exercising less and sleeping more gets better results, faster

+ Melatonin: good or bad?

+ Shawn's best hacks for the best sleep of your life

+ How your electronics are ruining your sex life. (This one is what you think.)

+ Ella overshares about her sleeping habits!

+ The #1 thing that helped Shawn improve his sleep immediately

Feb 3, 2015

Debbie had a great husband, a comfortable life and a muffin top. Then, her world collapsed around her when she was widowed and left to raise her 4 young boys on her own.

Listen to Debbie explain how she went from eating Lucky Charms and fast food to learning about nutrition and exercise in a way that was new and totally do-able. Find out how she has done a total 180 and manages to stay healthy, fit and - let’s be honest - totally hot!

Learn more about how this super fit chick found her best self in the midst of such trial and tribulation - and what happened next…

 In this episode:

  • Four kids in four years…Surprise! My jeans don’t fit.
  • Why calorie counting and extra long workouts suck at getting you lean
  • From Lucky Charms to REAL food…and how eating fat does not make you fat
  • The merits of vodka and celery... (kidding. sort of.)
  • 20 minutes a day will change your life. And your jeans size.
  • Why no gym is no excuse

All of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found at

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Feb 1, 2015

Abel Gonzalez had to overcome a great many obstacles before he got anywhere near the American Ninja Warrior course.

American Ninja Warrior Abel Gonzalez talks to us about mastering our inner Ninja first, how he's conquering life's obstacles and living his purpose to help others along the way.

“I had to start doing some self examination – who am I ? what am I doing?  

 Abel tells us:

  • How he left a great paying job in the oil industry to take a risk - waited in line for FIVE days - and ended up making history on NBC
  • What is was like going from “indestructible” to falling apart due to rheumatoid arthritis
  • What finally helped him overcome abandonment, anger and some pretty tough circumstances 
  • What “normal" people can do to train like a ninja (no gym required)
  • His two secrets for getting stronger as he gets older

 Listen in on this Ninja’s inner game. This is one seriously motivating dude. 

 “You have to appreciate life. You’re here for a reason...

You’re given an opportunity. A circumstance, yes, but an opportunity."

As Abel tells it: #WEAREALLABEL.

 Learn more at

Jan 28, 2015

Did you see the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead? 20 million people did, and helped Joe Cross start a revolution.

Joe is a man truly living his purpose. He left his successful career in finance and directed his entrepreneurial efforts to bringing his message to the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe (writer, producer, star of both films) upon the release of the sequel (cleverly known as “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2”) where we find out what happens AFTER he fasted for 60 days on nothing but juice, lost more than 80 pounds, and healed himself from the disease that plagued him for years.

Spoiler alert: things got harder.

In this episode Joe Cross tells us:

  • What happened after he lost more than 80 pounds and stopped filming Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 
  • Whether just adding juice to our diet is helpful (vs “Just Juice” fasting)
  • Common mistakes people make when trying juicing
  • The best time to juice, and when not to
  • Why on Earth he fasted for 60 days, filmed it…and then made Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2
  • What’s hard for him about staying healthy and what he does about it
  • His favorite juice recipe 
  • How to "reboot"
  • And, how to find juice near you! 

Learn more at - all of the resources mentioned in today's show can be found there.

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