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Mar 24, 2016

Is Moderation Possible?

Ok, I struggle with this, I really do. To me, abstinence from some foods does seem so much easier than moderating my intake - especially with trigger foods like sugar, nut butters and other items on my list. But, sometimes my "food rules" send me spiraling into what today's guest calls the "What the Hell" effect. It looks something like this:

- "I'm hungry" or "I want something to eat" (there's a difference!)
- "I can't eat THAT, because it's not on my 'good' list"
- "I'll eat this, this and this instead."
- "Dammit, I still want THAT."
- I eat that.
- "I'm terrible. What a failure. I think I'll eat something since I'm already a total loss."

Have you ever been there? Jill Coleman has, and today she's telling us how she got off the merry-go-round of deprivation, food rules, cravings, binges and all the noise and found a place of balance.

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